Alia Benavides

Alia was born and raised in Houston Texas. She likes to spend her free time journaling about all the funny experiences life has brought her way. Alia is currently attending culinary school and works as a full time baker.




Inspirational Journal

This journal is an inspirational journal. My relationship with Jesus inspires me everyday to become a better person. The journal was created to document your walk with Christ. In my personal life I like to look back over the journals from years past and just be amazed at how far the Lord has brought me.


This journal is also a useful tool to take to church, to write down Scriptures and moments of inspirational words he shares with you during your quiet time you spend together. I wrote Stained Glass Window after hearing God speak to me about how beautiful every single one of us are to him and how much more fulfilled we would be in are lives with the fullness of Christ shining through us, a true beacon of beauty for all to see!


Devotional, Spirituality

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