Deborah Belica

Deborah Belica is a grandmother and dog lover who writes and paints from a seaside studio overlooking the Long Island Sound.


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Isabella's Special Wish

If you could ask a king for a special wish, what would it be? First-time author Deborah Belica captures your child's interest by proposing the silliest of events - climbing up a bee, walking down a toad, smelling a tower. Your child will delight in the author's self correction with a more logical rhyming word. Join Isabella on this whimsical quest for her special wish, complete with fanciful and amusing illustrations. What she asks of the king will charm parents and children alike.




  • Mary Burrell | 20/06/2013

    My children love "Isabella's Special Wish". They never get tired of me reading it to them. It's a must in every child's library!!

  • Lauren Chisholm | 21/06/2013

    My niece had me read this to her again and again, giggling as she followed Isabella on her adventure. The perfect gift!


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