Christina Esau - Whitmer

Christina Esau-Whitmer discovered very early in life a passion for writing existed in her DNA that continues to be a constant source enabling her to seek and find God’s balance within her heart, mind, & soul. When God told her to write a book to share her divinely inspired prose with others, she was perplexed as to how that was going to be even possible; but she chose to trust in the divine light she writes about. Christina traded a highly rewarding career in teaching for a career as a full-time Mom to her two daughters when her first daughter was born in 2000. She lives with her husband, Angel Bears, & two fluffy “guard dogs,” and describes herself as, “richly blessed, no matter what.”


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Heart, Mind, & Soul Reflections

Heart, Mind, & Soul Reflections will help you honor the magnificent light already residing within you and longing to come alive. Christina Esau-Whitmer was divinely inspired to write prose that will dynamically encourage you to reflect on the beautiful energy and miracles always available to you every day. A poignantly touching mosaic of human related bonding soul themes positively reminding you we all share a similar need, want, or desire to reach and sustain our own inner light. Elevating you to be inspired or continue to be inspired by the powers of God’s purposes for your life, power of prayer, living in the moment, the beauty of stillness, peace in surrendering, truth in helping; and the wisdom of choosing to always extend your radiant love.





  • Stan | 105/09/2012

    Very inspiring. A nice 'pick me up' book. Everyone should have a copy on the coffee table! I recommend to everyone.



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