Sylvia Dokter

Sylvia Dokter is a personal transformation coach, teacher, author, intuitive healer and an animal therapist. She is the founder of Executive Awareness Productions and VP of Delaflor Teachings International.


Sylvia works mainly with tools from the quantum physics domain, which enable permanent transformation and transmutation of energy patterns in our mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Besides mental and spiritual studies she also has a fascination for the central nervous system in relation to restore inner balance through energetic bodywork and cranio-sacral balancing.


Her love for and skills to communicate with animals led her to study Ethology, animal massage and acupressure, and to become an animal therapist.


From childhood Sylvia has been doing voluntary work in animal shelters and as adult she contributed to offer health support to animals in shelters and Zoos. As a Bach Flower remedies practitioner and trainer she created an intensive two day Bach Flower Remedies for Animals training.


After she left the corporate world and chose to explore her personal journey, she has been studying NLP and career counseling, cranio-sacral therapy, Bach Flower remedies, animal behavior therapy, Inner architecture, Feng-Shui and geomantic analyzing, energetic DNA activations and transcendental rebirthing with Ivonne & Toby Alexander, numerological profiling with Janos Erdosi, family constellation dynamics with Mark Wollyn. Furthermore she is a color therapist, health practitioner, Doula (birth attendant) and a Reiki master.


Sylvia is initiated as Swami Bhimananda into the Silver Violet Maitri-Order and received an initiation into Sri Babaji´s ancient Kriya Yoga.


She is the co-author of Unplug Your Mind! Messages of the Ascended Masters and The Holistic Animal Welfare Program.


Sylvia is committed to support the earth and its habitants during their journey of inner healing toward the state of joy, by combining knowledge, love, healing and service. Her personal journey toward a sustainable state of joy for life and vitality brought her to conclude that safety within is the first step and basis for a nonviolent environment where every human being can become successful in all areas of life.




Holistic Animal Welfare Program©

Through The Codes of AH, Bach Flower Remedies
& Messages from the Ascended Masters

The Holistic Animal Welfare Program is timely and unique. Planet Earth is now on the verge of the biggest global crisis in human history. Starvation, extinction, violence and the loss of the value of the sacredness of animal life are at stake. This program offers quantum healing tools through the sacred geometry Codes of AH©, (exclusively created for this program) and the use of the Bach Flower remedies. These tools are coupled with visualizations and exercises aimed to support the animal kingdom to heal and regain its balance and safety, and to educate mankind to the urgency and importance to care, respect and protect the animal kingdom and earth.




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