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Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D. has been a successful entrepreneur and businessman for the past thirty years. His educational background and experience have made him quite versatile, achieving successes in several fields. His entrepreneurial interests have resulted in the creation of various successful businesses ventures, such as the development of an 86-bed adult living facility, a respiratory homecare company specializing in the care of patients afflicted with chronic pulmonary diseases, and the creation of a continuing medical education and respiratory therapy school.


Moreover, for the past seventeen years, Dr. Gomez has been engaged in the field of private money lending with a primary focus on hard money mortgage investing. This new book is the result of a qualitative research study undertaken at Florida Christian University as partial fulfillment for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Business Administration.


Dr. Gomez’s management experience has included positions such as CEO, Assistant Hospital Administrator, Pulmonary Care Department Director, and Program Director for a respiratory therapy and continuous medical education school. Furthermore, he is the author of three other published books and the recipient of patent no. 4867148, which is a Facial Separation Barrier that is useful in preventing infections and allergic reactions while engaging in the training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


Gomez has also been the recipient of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, and he has been included in the biographical database of several of Marquis Who’s Who publication directories, which are considered the standard for reliable and comprehensive biographic data since 1899. Additionally, he is a martial arts practitioner, holding the classification of San Dan Sensei—first degree black belt—in American Kempo Karate, conferred by the National Kempo Karate Association (NKKA). Always an avid learner, Dr. Gomez holds degrees from Miami Dade College (MDC), Florida International University (FIU), Carlos Albizu University (CAU), and Florida Christian University (FCU). Website


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Private Money Lending - Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream


This book is an important and timely research study that explores a little known area of investing, which is that of private mortgage lending.  The reason for undertaking the study was twofold; reason one is because for the past 15 years, retirement portfolios have been devastated by stock market fluctuations, resulting from a greater prevalence of boom and bust economic cycles.  It is quite possible that currently another bust cycle might be unfolding, in spite of the apparent bull market.  The second reason is because of the adopted Federal Reserve policy of creating an artificially low rate environment in an attempt to sustain the continued growth of the stock market and support of the current real estate recovery efforts.


These two economic conditions primarily affect income investors because of the low yields that are being offered by the typically available fixed-income investments, such as bonds, CDs and money-market accounts.  The combination of a reduced interest rate environment and the increase stock market volatility has dramatically impacted the livelihood of the fixed income investor.  Moreover, it has forced these investors to take greater levels of investment risk by incentivizing them to seek higher yields by investing in the stock market; in essence, the place that has created most of their financial problems.




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