Leta Hamilton

Leta is a mother of 3 boys between the ages of 8 months and 5 years. She holds Bachelor of Arts Degrees in International Studies and Italian. In her former life she worked in the Private Equity industry, but said goodbye to that career in order to focus on her writing and her children. Her interest in spirituality and her role as full-time mom led her to write The Way of The Toddler, which is her first book to be published. She currently lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband and children.


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The Way of the Toddler

A funny, insightful and “no nonsense” study of the craziness and complexities of modern motherhood with an original and touching spiritual dimension. Our children can be our greatest teachers, but we forget to look for the spiritual lessons when we are so grossed out by what they are producing in their diapers. “The Way of the Toddler” bravely dissects the mundane to find the gift of each and every moment. Ultimately, the book celebrates the wisdom of the toddler and challenges parents to use all that time they spend with their children to learn, grow and find a deeper sense of peach within themselves.





  • Sharon Brooks | 05/05/2011

    Reading through ' The Way of the Toddler '; there are times that I catch myself laughing out loud. Other times I smile and / or nod in recognition. The name can mislead you into thinking this is a book only for moms with young children. But in reading the smaller print under the title ; it gives you a heads up about the spiritual lessons that are throughout this book. And these lessons apply not only to moms of young children, but to all of us. *smiles* I was reminded of the innocence that lives within all of us; that longs to come out and play but is too concerned what others think. As adults we take life too seriously; instead of enjoying it with all our hearts. Yes, children can be great Zen Masters. *smiles* .There is so much wisdom here; not for sticking in your goodie bag for a rainy day...but some real stuff for every day. What a beautiful peek inside Leta's Heart. *smiles*



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