Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez, an elementary school teacher, lives in a three light town in Southern New Jersey.  Never one to skip an interesting opportunity, he has tried his hand at bailing hay, building backyard benches from up-cycled pallets, playing the drums, and digital photography.  His dream in life is to make reading fun and exciting for everyone.




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Lucy is your typical 11 year old girl.  She has to go to school, finish her homework, and brush her teeth at night.  Well, there is one little thing that is different.  She can teleport herself to any place on earth within a matter of seconds.  Lucy does this often. She hasn’t made many friends -  in fact she has no friends to speak of.  All that is about to change when she meets “Squirrel,” a lovable character who becomes Lucy’s best friend.  With the help of Squirrel, Lucy overcomes her annoyance of other people.  Come to the ends of the earth with Lucy and Squirrel as they help each other out.




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