Francesca John

Francesca was born on the beautiful island of Grenada on June 18, 1975 she was the only girl of five siblings as such Francesca spend most of her time completely engrossed in reading that's when she developed a love of storytelling, Francesca John migrated to the US in any of the year 1989. Later in life that love for storytelling grew even more when she had her six kids which she would tell bedtime stories every night Francesca always says there is nothing better story that's why she's love to share because of his or her stories with you.

Award-Winning Author




Delia's Three Wishes


Illustrated by Diane Lucas


Delia is a 16-year-old girl who recalls the earlier memories of her childhood. Delia's memories began as early as her sixth birthday, when her mom gave her the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. Her mom said it would grant her three wishes, but Delia did not believe that the necklace could truly grant wishes.

Later that year, an incident on the playground revealed that the necklace definitely could grant wishes. That incident opened the door to a world of new adventures, not only for Delia, but also for her friends and completely changed their lives in ways never imagined …




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