Greg Long

Greg is everything but your ordinary children’s writer-- he draws on a lifetime of unique experiences.  He got an early start in his parents’ backyard, entertaining kids with comedy magic and puppet shows.  Greg’s performed at the famous Second City Theater in Chicago, directed an award-winning children’s film, and even composed a collection of silly kid’s songs, but despite all the success, something seemed missing in his life...Then, one night, it happened—he found the missing piece… he rediscovered his relationship with God. 2010 Moonbeam Award Winner.

Award-Winning Author




Today I Found God

Everyone has bad days, and kids are no exception. There are some days when things seem to go wrong from the moment you wake up. It’s easy to feel angry and ask God “Why?” but it’s not always easy to hear His answer. Today I found God is the playful children’s story about a boy on a quest to find out why God lets bad things happen. The fast-paced rhymes and whimsical illustrations lead to an ending that is both unexpected and uplifting. Discover God for yourself and find out He really is listening and wants to talk to you.




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