Kim Kincaid

Quite early in his life, Kim Kincaid was introduced to the rejuvenating effects of change. It was not a planned lesson, but, one that he came to embrace, as, a lifelong philosophy, while in his twenties. As a teenager, he chose creative solitude, over dating. The consummate renegade, he forsook anything that impeded change. As an innate visual artist, he grew into a man, cast, from the mold of previous creative renegades; men such as Gauguin, Duchamp and Hemingway.


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The Most Visible Enemy, The Most Invisible Friend

In this collection of anecdotes, the reader is treated to an amusement park –likening, non fictional read, that is, up & down, in & out, round& round; but, please remain seated, until, the ride comes to a complete & final stop. The reader will be, engaged, instantly, moved along, quickly, touched, tickled, and, left, feeling hopeful. It seeks a balance of secular, and, non secular insights regarding adversity confrontation, and, affliction management; while, reassuring the reader of the rewarding virtue of patience.




  • Vanessa price | 29/09/2014

    Kim walked into my life some 26 years ago at the fort Yates celebration sportin a Mohawk ! I had to become friends so I snagged him up and we kept friends this whole entire time. Love the book.! I'm excited to have you autograph it for me when you return to the south. Hope to see you soon. And we can paint together again. Hoka hey bro! You did it! And I'm proud to a part of your life and book.


  • Jim Foster | 02/09/2014

    Kim came to our school in 4th grade with a unique creativity that the rest of us marveled at. How did this kid know how to follow his muse? He traveled the world supporting himself with his artistic talents; a life filled with amazing experiences, extreme tragedy; a life-altering event that will bring you to tears. The stories alone worth the price of the book. But how is he able to follow his inner voice and repeatedly move from the comfort zone and on to radically different endeavors? Most of us play it safe with life. Glimpse into the mind of a true artist; outlooks, philosophies, feelings, mental states - view a tortured artist, inner rebel that cyclically destroys everything in his life and magically creates new worlds, growing in ways that few experience. For those wishing to embark on life as an artist - wondering if they have what it takes; unable to succeed as artists - wondering why; wondering how an artist’s mind works; to see a life lived without boundaries.



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