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Margalit Kavenstock is an expert in training teachers to teach Hebrew as additional language in kindergartens and schools in the Diaspora through seminars, personal training and distance learning. Margalit, a teacher and educator, served in management , guidance and Instruction positions in many educational settings in Israel and abroad, including the establishment of a department for training Hebrew teachers at Hebraica university in Mexico City. She developed and wrote a program for teaching Hebrew to young children ("Chalav-u'Dvash – Hebrew for preschoolers"), a framework in Jewish education (" Ve'Higadnu liladeinu") and released recently, a children's book ("What is The Land of Israel?") Margalit trained and trains thousands of teachers around the world in these fields, and has developed unique teaching models, lectures and workshops that connect theory and practice in order to create enjoyable experience for learners and teachers alike. Margalit has M.A. in Jewish Education from Schechter Institute in Jerusalem and the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, Certificate for teaching Hebrew as additional language from the Hebrew University , B.Ed. from David Yellin Teachers College in Jerusalem and B.A. in Social Work from the University of Tel Aviv.


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What is Eretz Yisrael?


A new story for Hebrew learners and Israel lovers. A fable for children, promotes a different understanding of Eretz Yisrael- the Land of Israel.


Through the different animals' statements, the readers are exposed to the value of respecting another point of view. The same piece of land is experienced in a different way by each animal, according to its needs and point of view, until…


The book is also a trigger for varied activities regarding Israel's landscape, Flora and Fauna reflected in the illustrations.


Writing the book was created out of love to Israel, its landscapes and people. I hope your hearts will be moved by the smart Owl's message and you'll feel Israel as your home wherever you are.


Children, Spirituality



  • samuel fikez | 24/05/2012

    i liked this book very much . i showd it to my children and read it to them on bed time and they were very pleased by the story and the beautiful pictures . i recommend it deeply to whoever is interested in a fine children´s book



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