Rhonda M. Jackson

Rhonda M. Jackson has a B.A. in Psychology, a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant and does respite care for foster children. She wrote this book to help people process through their underlying issues with their relationship with food.  Rhonda Jackson is a ordained minister and lives in Ohio with her four children. In her spare time she enjoys listening to classical jazz music and spending time with her family.




Letting Go of Your Sweet Tart and Your Sweet Heart

At what point did food become your lover instead of fuel for your body? You may not be able to locate the time or the place that it happened, but this book will help you to close the gap that opened you up to agree with a thought that turned into a behavior with the transference of intimacy that one shares in a relationship to foods that trigger your pleasure hormones.
I know by now you are saying are we talking about food or romance? Both. Okay that’s enough right! Then go ahead and turn to the introduction so you can see how much you have changed since you have been romantically in love with the wrong kinds of food.


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