Alyssa Ellen Mayle

Alyssa Ellen Mayle was born on May 3, 1994 and raised in Stockport, Ohio. She realized that she wanted to be an author back in the 8th grade when her English teacher assigned the whole class to write short stories. When the teacher read her story she was very impressed.




If Only I Were a Girl

What is wrong with Marie Brown? She looks like your normal teenage girl, but is she really? Many girls her age go through a lot of struggles with trying to figure out who they really are, but none of those girls are struggling nearly as bad as Marie. Nobody understands her and what she's going through, not even her family. Sometimes she even has a hard time understanding herself, or should we say ...himself.

We've seen transgenders before and we usually don't know what to think or how to react, but maybe if we hear about it then from Marie's (Kyle's) point of view then maybe we will start seeing it differently.





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