Megan Prescott

Megan was born and raised in Vermont but moved west of the Mississippi in 1993 landing first in New Mexico and then finally putting down roots in Texas. She has been teaching art and theater to young ones for over twenty years while also pursuing her personal interest in using art as a healing tool. These days she spends her time writing and painting and enjoying life with her sweetheart Joshua and their two cats. Website




Squirrel and Oak: A Story of Hope

Illustrated by Megan Prescott & Cheryl Wawrzynowicz


A journey into and through the bereavement process addressing a difficult topic in a gentle and inspiring way. Through the eyes of the Narrator and Squirrel we experience the emotions and questions that are felt after the death of a loved one. Through the words of the wise Sun, Squirrel learns to accept the death of her Oak tree friend as both she and the Narrator move through the grief process to a place of peace and hope. It is a story that is relevant and pertinent for anyone at any age who has had to say goodbye to someone they loved and also for those who may be facing death themselves. May it bring some comfort and peace to their hearts.




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