Varrick Nelson

Bishop Nelson accepted Jesus Christ into his life as his personal Lord and Savior at the age of 9 while attending Christ the Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. James R. Cook, Sr. At the age of 16 years old he delivered his trial sermon and had no desire to change his course. At the age of 21 He was introduced to the apostolic movement through leadership of Apostle Michael D. Densmore, Presiding prelate of Community Churches of God. Bishop Nelson has inspired the lives of many people throughout the years. He has been able to minister the word of God on many platforms reaching as far south as Dothan, Alabama and as far north as Boston, Mass. He counts it to be a privilege and honor to share the message of Christ.


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Leading Beyond the Title

Why do I want others to read this book? I wrote this book as a tool for training for the church leadership. Much of the subject matter and views are coming from my personal experience, observation and the interviewing process of other leaders. This book is an easy read, right to the point. Everyone wants to be successful with their performance in ministry. No one wants to be insufficient with how they lead. With this material I want to help you arrive to your zenith in where you lead. My prayer is that you, the reader would examine yourself, your reason and intention for becoming a leader within the Lord’s church. While you are thinking, let me put this thought into your mind. The way that you lead God’s people will determine the success of your ministry and fulfillment of Christ’s will in their lives. So, the challenge has been presented to you. I believe that in order to build strong churches, you must first build strong leaders.



  • Overseer C.T. Olford | 02/05/2014

    Leading Beyond the title has truly been a blessing, it challenged me to search myself deeper into the reason I am serving in the Lords church.I am having all the ministerial staff of my church to read it.



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