A. Law Shettleworth

Daughter of an African American father and a Chinese mother, Antonette Yolanda Drayton grew up in Hong Kong, where she attended Chinese schools before moving to the United States in 1997. While in Hong Kong, she was given the Chinese name Kayee Law (羅加怡). Antonette earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from San Jose State University, and resides in California with her husband and two sons.


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Oh, Brother, Why Is He My Brother?

Katie is annoyed with her young brother, Richard. He is over here, over there and everywhere.  He is always on the lookout for the next adventure… One day, Katie was in distress and needed help. Richard was there to the rescue and save the day, and she learned to love, respect and appreciate him.




  • Irene S. Roth | 10/14/2016

    This is a very endearing story about a relationship between a brother and sister. It is a story that will help siblings get along more and it will show them how to show unconditional love.


    The story is about Katie who really cannot understand her brother, Richard. He seems to have different mannerisms than she does. But Richard always helps her out, regardless of how negative and critical she is of him. Richard never seems to be too put off by her remarks. But what is more, Richard is always there to help her. He helps her find her bracelet when she loses it, he helps her pick up the blueberries that fall on the floor, and he helps her find the missing letter from her bracelet. By showing this kind of unconditional love towards Katie, Richard shows how important it is to love your sibling, regardless of how different they seem.


    This is a story about trust, unconditional love, and family. It is a wholesome story that may encourage families to make pancakes and enjoy them as a family, without bickering and complaining too much. In the end, Katie discovers that despite their differences, she truly loves Richard and she accepts him and loves him just as he is.


    I loved this story and I will be passing it along to the children in my midst.

  • Rose | 03/17/2015

    A fabulous children’s picture book. The author delightfully captures the amusing voice and carefree feelings of Katie, a spunky and bright young girl who is annoyed with her little brother. Richard is a boy's boy, always stomping and jumping, getting dirty and running around looking for an adventure. A fun story and a great message for all siblings and kids, but with some really great beginning to read words and subjects that help draw children into the story and also helps build up word recognition and comprehension. A great flow of common everyday things regarding shapes, colors, foods, and more all wonderfully become a part of the tale. The illustrator is outstanding and uses a lot of imagination, creating vivid and beautiful pictures, and giving us a glimpse into this wonderful and charming story. Every page truly keeps the interest of children of all ages.


  • Lacia | 03/17/2015

    I am always looking for new books for my 10 year old daughter and my neighbor’s 4 year old son and this is a delightful book. All three of us loved it. The book is a joy to read and poses the never ending bond/rivalry of siblings. My own experiences with my older brother were brought to light through this book and made me smile. The story of Katie and Richard is sweet and funny and the illustrations are perfect and made it an exciting and adorable adventure. It is so well written and easy to stay with and understand. The author A. Law Shettleworth is so talented and has an incredible mind and imagination. She knows how to reach the thoughts of kids and that is not always an easy task. I have to say this is definitely one of the best children’s books out there and I highly recommend it to everyone. I can not wait for more from this brilliant author.



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