Cathy Shuba

Cathy is a recovering alcoholic for over 19 years, owner of Sobriety Fitness where she writes and shares her recovery story from alcoholism with people from all over the world. Cathy found her need to give back what she gratefully given in her years of recovery. Knowing her drive and passion behind her message, motivated and inspired her to share her message in her book for all to read. She encourages others in recovery to exercise, as she is a dedicated runner who runs 3 to 4 miles a day. Cathy lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and two children.




Drunk to Sober “Running in a New Direction!”

I Once Ran from Me. Now I, Run with Me.

One Mile at a Time!


After many years in recovery and belonging to a 12-step program that helps Alcoholics become sober, Cathy needed more in her recovery.  Wondering how to get more, experience more and have more in her recovery, she sought out a new direction with another 12-step program that helps the family members of Alcoholics.  Seven years later, she has learned so much more about herself, others and the ability to love and accept others in her life with or without an addiction problem. Having more of a recovery, Cathy experienced many gifts that have allowed her to be more open-minded with others. Cathy shows you how she has run all the way with her recovery in this book. She continues not to stop running all the way—in her recovery!


If you are willing to want more in your recovery, need more in your recovery and want to know how Cathy has achieved the recovery she has today then this book will help assist, inspire and motivate anyone with an addiction problem.  This book will enhance his or her recovery by learning from Cathy’s experiences and hopes of you gaining more of awareness in your recovery.


Recovery needs to be more—are you willing to have more in your recovery?  Come take the challenge, run through the 12 miles in this book, and try to complete each exercise in order to have more in your recovery today!



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