Danielle Schillero

Danielle is currently a 10th grader and attends Walsh Jesuit High School. She lives in Sagamore Hills, Ohio with her parents, Kim and Sam, and siblings Niki, Sami, and Vinny. Her dog, Sabrina, and cat, Oscar, are also important members of the Schillero family. Danielle loves spending time with her family and hanging out with her friends. Danielle felt it was important to write this book in order to let children who are bullied know how to handle the situation and help them from getting hurt. She originally wrote the book as part of a school assignment, but decided to take it a few steps further when she realized the importance of letting others know about the dangers of bullying and trying prevent bullying in our societies. Danielle thinks it is important to make new friends, especially trying to reach out to those people who we are not as close to in our lives.


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God is with Me

Illustrated by Danielle Schillero


This book teaches children that God is always with them and you can talk to God anywhere.





  • Jill | 20/02/2014

    Best children's book ever. Danielle is so talented. I read this one to my daughter all the time!



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