Jeff B. Smith

Jeff is the proud husband to his beautiful wife and father of two exuberant little girls.  He lives with his family in Missoula, MT, enjoying all of the recreational activities Montana has to offer.


Jeff’s creative writing is influenced by his family.  His first book, “Icky Bicky” embellishes on a Christmas tradition created by his late Grandmother. Jeff’s hope is to bring joy to children through his writing.




Icky Bicky

“Icky Bicky” came from a tradition created by Jeff’s late Grandmother, Eloise Nette.  While raising six children with limited funds, she creatively made gifts for her children out of expiring fruit brought home by Jeff’s Grandfather, employed as a produce manager at the local grocery store.  The story of that first Christmas with Icky Bicky when Jeff’s mother and her siblings had presents to open on Christmas morning has had a profound impact on Jeff’s life.


Children, Holidays


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