Lily Sweem

Lily lives on St Simons Island, Georgia with her husband, Todd. She is certain that without Todd’s encouragement this book never would have happened. Lily has a life-long love of reading and the outdoors, but mostly loves spending time with her husband and her two grown sons and their families.




Fish Stars and Trees

Fish, Stars and Trees is designed to help children of all ages “see” God in the world around them—in His creation. It came about as I was sitting on our back porch looking at the beautiful live oak trees that are native to where we live. I was thinking of how calm, peaceful and delighted they made me feel. I realized that seeing bodies of water as well as looking up at the night sky had that very same effect. I believe that’s because those are things of God’s creation rather than things made by man, no matter how beautiful those things may be. After I had written down the poem that became this book, it occurred to me that fish, stars and trees are all Christian symbols. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have thought that up all by myself...!




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