Monica Septimio

Monica Septimio, Brazilian, mother, hairdresser, painter, theology seminarian at the Christian Preaching College in Framingham, Mass. Currently volunteering at the children’s ministry in her local church, Catedral de Adoração in Waltham, where she lives with her family. Before coming to USA she attended two years of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of Maranhão, in Rondon do Para, PA, Brazil




Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is Impossible is a bilingual book in English-Portuguese that teaches children through a story of friendship that regardless of the misfortunes and inconsistencies of life, Jesus is the only constant. It encourages children to be persistent with what they want. Nothing is impossible when we believe in God and in ourselves, nothing is impossible when we are humble to recognize our mistakes and wise to fix them.


Inspirational, Children, Art


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