Rev. Raymon and Esther Reed

The authors, husband and wife, Raymon and Esther Reed, have used the influences they experienced as children to compose the book, Purple Pastures. The Reed's have a background as educators, ministry, and as business owners of the Walking on Water Retreat Center in Rushford, NY. Their passion for children, family and education is exemplified in this book.




Have You Heard of Purple Pastures?

Illustrated by Chad Thompson


This book has been inspired by family folklore. For many years, my mother told the original version to hold the attention of students in her physical education classes. Used to illustrate the necessity of establishing authority, this transformative work has been modified to inspire and empower young people to ask, explore, and discover the answers to life’s questions. Readers of all ages will identify with Lil Ray’s persistence, determination, and eminent reward! Enjoy this cliffhanger and hidden treasure!




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