Singleton Family

Sydnie Singleton is a caring, creative teen with a heart for helping people. Her dreams and aspirations are to inspire her peers to be positive. Sydnie’s personal goal is to become a lawyer, she also enjoys singing and baking like her favorite Thinkie Wink “Love”.


Shelbie Singleton is unique and fun loving. She has a bubbly personality similar to her favorite Thinkie Wink “Joy”. Her heart’s desire is to become a Pediatrician. Shelbie enjoys reading, dancing and wearing Tutus.


Sean Singleton is the youngest of the three siblings, he is energetic with a witty personality. Sean has a heart for helping his fellow classmates who have special needs. His favorite past times include golf, basketball and track. He has a special gift with making others laugh. He often describes himself as a “super-hero”.


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Thinkie Winks on the Move

The Thinkie Winks introduce themselves and tell their individual stories in Thinkie Winks on the Move. Thinkie Winks goal is to encourage children to focus on their divine inner qualities, dream without boundaries, gain confidence and think about how they can positively impact the world.




  • Mrs. L. Mack | 28/07/2013

    Wow! Twinkie Winks On the Move is a "must read" for ALL children! The adorable, whimsical characters in the book provide treasured lessons for possessing positive inner qualities, while also inspiring to dream and broaden horizons. As an educator, I feel it should be required reading for every teacher, counselor, or childcare professional. Each lesson can be used as an inter-active resource tool to teach meaningful, valuable character traits necessary for a child's maturity. I even recognized myself in some of the stories. What a great way to challenge yourself and your students in the classroom. Bravo to these insightful, young, inspiring authors! Mrs. L. Mack, Elementary teacher


  • LaVenia Mack | 28/07/2013

    This book is a "must-read" for ALL children! These adorable, whimsical characters provide treasured lessons for possessing positive inner qualities while inspiring others to dream and broaden their horizons. It should be required reading for every teacher, counselor, and child care professional. The lessons are inter-active resource tools to make learning fun, yet meaningful. As an adult, I even recognized myself in some of the stories. I loved this because it's always awesome to be able to self-reflect while reading! So impressed with these young, positive thinkers. Keep on "thinking" Thinkie Winks. The world is yours to " be it!" LaVenia Mack - 6th grade elementary teacher


  • Alvenia B. Jones | 17/07/2013

    I purchased this wonderful book, and felt I would be amiss if I did not send you a review. What a wonderful show of love, integrity, and encouragement from (3) profound children!! Wow, this is soo needed today, when there is so much negativity surrounding children. I would recommend this to schools, for their libraries, and public libraries, families, and any organization where positive instructional teachings are part of the criteria! This was a great little book; the cover itself drew me to purchase it for my family! What a great gift purchase!! Hats off to the parent of these children, GREAT JOB!!!


  • Jerry L. Nevels | 17/07/2013

    My wife is an online college student studying in the field of Early Childhood Development. She purchased the Thinkie Winks book to write a report on how children are motivated to achieve specific goals. When she realized this book was authored by a 13 year old middle school student, she raved at the accomplishment. She commented to fellow students about the message the book delivered. Online students from Seattle to Tampa Bay are ordering the book and giving two thumbs up on the personalities of the characters. I suspect one day the Thinkie Winks characters will reach celebrity status in households worldwide. Imagine the encouragement a child will feel when they learn that books are written by other youths that both adults and children can enjoy, and gain inspiration. This book is a must read for everyone.



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