Balloon Dude Travis

Travis is a professional balloon artist, a writer, a follower of Christ, and a kid at heart. His first book, ‘A Twisted Adventure in Twistytown’ is for readers to discover a whole new level of imagination and hopefully be inspired to know more about God, and realize He loves us.




A Twisted Adventure in Twistytown

A Twisted Adventure in Twistytown: Sometimes we have days that seem like it's the same day after day after day. Boring, boring, boring! This story begins in a place exactly like that, with nothing fun, exciting, or even the least bit interesting. But that all changes the day a young boy discovers a mysterious balloon and ends up going on a twisted balloon adventure to a place he'll never, ever, ever forget.  Get ready to leap into a magical world filled with amazing balloon creations and exciting fun like you've never seen before! A wonderful place called 'Twistytown!'



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