C.L. Thomas-Smith

Historian Colette L. Thomas-Smith has accumulated more than 50,000 hours of research time in ancient Biblical studies, Bronze Age people, ancient Briton and Ireland and the interfacing of remnant families not previously assigned to known geographical locations in ancient history. New names and new identities fogged up the view of their migration patterns. Her focus for these many years has been to unscramble the misinformation and disinformation passed down to us as actual history; especially about the ancient Phoenicians and the lines of Zarah Judah.




Zarah of the Red Hand: A Phoenician Story

Colette Thomas-Smith’s Zarah of The Red Hand is non-fiction, but the story that unfolds from her meticulous research into the collision between biblical and secular history threads its way through the facts and fiction of history with the kind of intrigue that turns the pages of a Dan Brown novel.

Anyone who loves to lose themselves in the ancient past, open sealed doors and wander into curious places where we discover that things are not as we supposed, will find the book a most engaging read.

With family blood lines winding into English and Danish history, I was particularly captivated by Ms. Smith’s startling re-examination of who the chosen people really are and why.


Non Fiction, History


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