Denise Zarrella

Denise Zarrella is an Emmy Award-winning reporter who has spent the past two decades covering hard news. She has met with historic figures, including U.S. Presidents and rock stars, but the people she has been most touched by are the children at the center of many of her stories.


Zarrella began her career at Fox's "America's Most Wanted," where she researched cases involving unsolved crimes and missing children.  From there, she shifted gears to news and headed to Atlanta, where she became an Associate Producer at CNN's World Headquarters. While at CNN, she began reporting for TBS's morning show "Interact America," and her on-air journey began.


Denise left CNN and TBS to become a full-time Anchor/Reporter at WBBJ, in Jackson, Tennessee.  She has also worked in Champaign, Illinois, and Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, which returned her to her hometown in the Poconos.


Today she is proud to call Cleveland home, where she is an Anchor/Reporter for WOIO-TV.


She says the stories she loves doing the most are the ones that empower those who may not otherwise have a voice - especially those who live in poverty or who are disabled.


"Not even the Sky is the Limit," is her first children's book, and was inspired by her daughter Gianna, who has Down Syndrome.  The book is also meant for adults, who will clearly see by turning the pages that there are no limits to what those living with disabilities can do.


Denise lives on Cleveland's West side with her husband, Tony, their children Gianna and Anthony, and their two dogs, Buddy and Skoobie.


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Not Even The Sky Is The LIMIT!

“Not Even The Sky Is The LIMIT,” is a book showcasing the abilities of children and adults with Down Syndrome. "The book is the result of the author's own beautiful journey to find out what life with her daughter would be like. Turn the pages, and you'll see that people with Down Syndrome are able to enjoy doing everything everyone else does. In fact, as you see here, not even the sky is the limit! A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to organizations that improve the lives of people who live with Down Syndrome.


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  • David Kiehl | 03/03/2015

    It's an amazing book full of heart warming stories. Denise and her children are amazing and I was glad to be part of their family story. There is no limit to what these kids can do....I met all of them and couldn't be prouder. There are no limits!


  • Rachel Yant | 22/08/2013

    I just received my signed copy of this wonderful book, which just so happens to include a photo of my two favorite twin nephews, and two of my favorite skydivers! I love it! I brought it to work with me today to share with my school district employees and my superintendent has asked that I put in an order with our business manager to order ten copies for our school district classrooms and library! I am so thrilled, proud, and honored that this book will be used to educate our students of the abilities of these wonderful people! The sky is definitely not the limit!



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