Greg Watkins

Greg Watkins is a successful Author, Illustrator and Speaker. The father of four and the youngest of eight children, in this his third book Watkins continues the Big Big Bill and Buddies series of Children's books, and teaches children about Bullying, Sharing , friendship and truthfulness. A former Marine, Watkins served during the Viet Nam Era and then proceeded to work in the construction industry and eventually earn his Bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture and Design. He has worked for almost 40 years as a Builder and Construction Manager where his unique ability to foster understanding and bring people with differences together is a valuable resource. Growing up Greg always stood up for the "Under Dog" , Greg Loves entertaining and teaching children as part of Authors in schools program. He is passionate about childhood issues and works hard to put and end to childhood violence and bullying,His articles on Bullying and diversity have been published in national and international media, his first book,'A Big Beaked Big Bellied Bird Named Bill" was featured on Dr. Laura's Syndicated program. Greg supports Veteran and Children's programs and donates his time and resources to worthy charities and always willing to participate in charitable fund-raising.




How to Be a Buddy and Not a Bully

This latest installment of the “Big Bill and Buddies” series, helps convey valuable lessons about these important topics, Bullying and Name Calling. Watkins believes in starting early teaching children important character education lessons. Through these fun and colorful illustrations, readers of all ages will continue to be entertained.



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