Jaclyn Wasson

As a blessed mother, Jaclyn feels compelled to create stories that children can immerse themselves into, forcing them to use their imagination, and allowing them to fall in love with reading at an early age. She takes pride in her family, her overuse of exclamation points, and her Rhode Island accent. Aside from being a writer, she is an event stylist, a student of photography, and an amateur doodler. She allows her love for her children to fuel and inspire all of her creative outlets.


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What Goes Up Must Come Down

“What Goes Up Must Come Down” is the story of a boy named Pete.  After climbing a tree and realizing he might need to spend the night, he imagines different scenarios to find his way back home. Finally, he finds help from an unexpected guest in his tree.  "What Goes Up Must Come Down” is a story of imagination and courage that is sure to entice even the youngest reader.



  • Susan Grenon | 22/09/2014

    What a great adventure and expression of a child's imagination in a scenario while adventuring out. My son loved it!



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