Jim Woolf

Jim lives in Streetsboro, Ohio with his wife Diana. His stepson Robert attends Urbana University in Ohio. Jim has been a firefighter and paramedic for 21 years and currently works for the Twinsburg, Ohio Fire Department. He is also the Chief of Police for the Village of Brady Lake, Ohio. His wife Diana is also a firefighter and paramedic and serves as a Lieutenant with the Streetsboro Fire Department.

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Frankie the Firefighter

Illustrated by Izabela Ciesinska


Frankie has learned what firefighting is all about: washing fire trucks, understanding the tools of the job, and, of course, learning how to fight the fires. All of the training and hard work pays off when Frankie actually gets to fight her first fire. Not only that, but Frankie becomes a hero by rescuing a little boy. Many people picture firefighters as brave men who face danger every day, but Frankie shows us all that women can excel at firefighting, too.



  • Irene Roth | 20/04/2012

    This is a wonderful educational picture book for kids of all ages by an award winning author and a Veteran Firefighter. The illustrations are so colorful and vivid. Kids of all ages will want to become firefighters after reading this story. The story is about Frankie, a newbie firefighter who is eager to start her career. She seems anxious and excited to be a firefighter, not fully knowing what the job will entail. But Frankie is more than ready to face her day and all its responsibilities at the fire station. When Frankie gets to work she meets all of her colleagues, and sets out to do the morning rounds, such as washing the fire trucks. Just after lunch, the sirens ring and she is off to an apartment fire where she has to rescue a boy from inside a burning unit. The rescue is difficult. But Frankie does succeed. When she returns to the station, Frankie thinks that she will never see the little boy or the mother again. Could that be true?


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