Laura Woj

Laura Woj, known as the Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer, has been helping parents potty train for well over a decade. Her expertise is shared with parents through a constant stream of travel, where she regularly teaches seminars on potty training children of all ages. She is the designer and creator of Super Undies, a trusted product line that covers toilet training underwear through cloth reusable bedwetting pants.




Potty Training Through Parenting

Potty training a toddler is often one of the most dreaded undertakings in a parents early career. Laura Woj tackles that fear and gives you a great plan to potty train, but not before helping you reestablish some roles in your home that sometimes get out of balance with the demands of a little one. This book is written to help encourage and empower parents to become a trusted and loving leader to their children before entering the potty training playing field. You’ll be well prepared for potty training, wether you have a potty-ready 16 month old or a four year old who refuses to go without a diaper. Get the low-down on those scary potty-possibilities like hiding to poop, only using the potty if they are naked, potty anxiety, strong-willed children, daycare situations, potty training regression, and much more.



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