Michael D. Worley

The passion for writing stories and drawing cartoons started for Michael Worley while he was just a child. Michael is the author of Sonny the Scarecrow, Everett the Piano, The Quiet Giant, A Dog’s Tale, Lacey Shoestring’s Amazing Red Wagon Adventure, and Have You Seen Henry?  Michael owned and operated Pyramid Productions, Inc., in Dallas, Texas for fourteen years.  He produced script-to-screen turnkey film and video productions for corporate and commercial advertising. Michael presently owns and operates a successful residential property management company located in Dallas, Texas.


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Have You Seen Henry?

Late one Saturday night, I heard a noise come from outside. When I looked out the back porch window I saw a possum drinking water from an ice chest that I had used on a fishing trip earlier that day. After the possum quenched his thirst he walked through an opened side door that entered into the garage. I went outside, entered the garage and observed the possum climbing onto a shelf and making himself comfortable. As soon as I tuned on the garage light the possum noticed me. He slowly got up and walked out to the backyard. Now trying to find his way out of the backyard the same way he found his way in was no easy task for this confused possum. I decided to lend a helping hand by opening the back gate and off into the night he went. The next day I decided to draw a cartoon of a possum. I gave him the name, Henry and wrote the story you are about to read entitled, Have You Seen Henry?


Children, Animals


  • Irene S. Roth | 17/05/2017

    A super-cute and enchanting picture book for children about how good friends can help make things seem so much better in a time of need.  


    “Have You Seen Henry?” is a delightful picture book for children about the importance of friendship in our daily lives. This charming story takes place within a community of animals, which includes the main characters, Henry and Henrietta Possum. Life is quite predictable and wonderful for the married couple until one day Henry disappears. Henrietta sets out to look for Henry and during the search, many of her friends and neighbors join her in hopes of finding him. They search throughout the neighborhood looking for Henry everywhere. They look for him at the park, the local market, the Root Beer Shop and many other places. Did Henrietta and her neighborhood friends ever find Henry? “Have You Seen Henry?” shows the power of friends and neighbors coming together in a time of need. The story will appeal to children of all ages and is filled with brilliantly, colorful illustrations that bring out the important message of the story. “Have You Seen Henry?” has many educational qualities and should be read by teachers and parents, as well as children.



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