Terry Wells

 As a teen, Terry Wells was brought up in the church. Nevertheless, because of peer pressure and the glamorous lure of thug life, as with many African American males, he was drawn away from a relationship with Christ.


His dangerous new life involved selling drugs, un-godly influences, run-ins with the law, and eventually in-carceration. I Was Cursed to be Blessed: The Terry Wells Story, presented by My Brother’s Keeper, reveals the life and struggles of Terry Wells and the intervening grace of God. After a road to Damascus experience, Wells came running to Christ and since then he has been an impetus to lead multitudes of young people away from a life of despair and confusion and into their God-ordained Promised Land.




I Was Cursed To Be Blessed

Travels with Ellyn is an enchanting fairy tale and adventure intertwined with the philosophy that what you see in others is a reflection of what is in you. Each episode exemplifies a Metaphysical Law of the Universe; faith in a positive outcome prevails. As you explore realms with Ellyn and her companions, make discoveries about yourself, and follow their example by giving yourself permission to be the best person you can be. Together, always striving to do our best, we create a unified community and a peaceful world.

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