Veronica Hilda Torres

Veronica Hilda Torres has been writing since she was a young girl. She would write stories, poems, and plays for her family and friends. Growing up, she wrote about her many adventures in a composition book she called "One for the Book". Writing has always been a way for her to be dramatic, moody, and entertaining at the same time. Veronica, along with her twin sister, is the youngest of fifteen siblings. Sharing the baby role has definitely given her a lot of material to write.


Veronica has a Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Educational Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Long Beach in Liberal Studies. She has also earned several Associates Degrees in General Studies, Fine Arts and Communication, Natural Science, Social Science, and Biblical Studies. Veronica has been a middle school teacher for ten years and subscribes to the belief that one never stops learning.


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My Mommy's Sweater

My Mommy’s Sweater takes a glimpse into how a mother comforts her child with a reassuring touch. This book causes readers of all ages to recall special moments they may have experienced with their own mommy; recalling the happy memories of baking cookies, wiping tears and remembering her familiar scent.




  • Monica Alvarez | 26/12/2013

    I have a three year old daughter. Reading to her My Mommy's Sweater made me realize that there are many other mothers who do the same things with their children. As mothers we do many similar things with our daughters (and sons). I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends and family.


  • Gloria Porter | 26/12/2013

    I loved this book. It took me back to being a child and to feel blessed to be a mom.



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