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The Fish With No Name

Sheri Wilson

The Adventures of Northern the Moose and a Dragon Named Zeus

Karean L. Chapman

Who me? What Should I Be?

Karean L. Chapman

Look At Me... A Musician
I Want to Be

Karean L. Chapman

Look At Me...A Veterinarian

I Want To Be!

Karean L. Chapman

Look at Me...A Chef I Want to Be!

Karean L. Chapman

Well Then, You Must Be Lucky!

Phyllis C. Jadosh

Bailey's Heartstrings

Joy Chicatelli

Diary of My Days in Kenya

Rachel Yurchisin

Bending a Soccer Ball

Pedro Rita and Susan Adam-Rita

Noonie Pie's Snap-It Series

Amy L. Levis

Grandmother´s Cancer Journey

Tami L Hegge

Where Is My Dee-Chee?

Allison Motz

Amber's Fair-y - Tale

Deborah Cavitt

Brett and The Magic Super Heroes

Sandi Bloomberg

Jake and the Magic Soccer Ball

Sandi Bloomberg

Hate can Wait

John Ordosch

Michael And The Magic Dinosaur

Sandi Bloomberg

Tommy Gets Lost!

Darlene Turner

The Pink Toot

G. Scott Gibson

Veronica and the Magic Fountain

Sandi Bloomberg

Stella Saves the Game

Elizabeth Budd

Wooster the Rooster

Sally Labadie

Tanner's Turtle

Sally Labadie

Heaven is All Around You

Lydia Esparra


Anita Turnage


Anita Turnage

Pretty, Pretty, Picky Penelope

Bernita McGoldrick

Stewie Meets New Friends

Melissa Seitz

My Pet Dinosaur

Erin Elefritz

Smarty Pig

Molly Nero

Vin and the Dorky Duet

Maggie Lyons

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom

Maggie Lyons

The Owl Who Couldn’t WHOO

LeeAnna Kail

Emma and the African

Wishing Bead

Valerie Redmond

The Seed Sower

Debra Anderson

What am I gonna do?

Jody Wamsley

C.H.U.M.P. Vol. I

Coach Christina Tammen

C.H.U.M.P. Vol. II

Coach Christina Tammen

Smarty Pig and the Test Taking Terror

Molly Nero

Baby Come Home

Liz Arnita

Be Brave Bettina!

Liz Arnita

Dagah: The Great Fish

Victoria McCarty

Elisha’s Great Mission

Rebecca M. Shaw

Micah's Miraculous Mission

Rebecca M. Shaw

Isabella's Special Wish

Deborah Belica

Phoenix The Rising Star

Eleanor Spitz


Irene S Roth

Christmas Star Angel

Marilyn K Ruzicka

The Magic Ice Cream Palace

Jose Colon

Sometimes I Dream,

A Book for Infant Sleep

Jose Colon

The Adventures of Lai-Lai
and Chub-Chub

Dr Aaron Chokan


Monique Turchan

Thinkie Winks on the Move


How Long Will You Love Me?

Patti Brassard Jefferson

Stu's Big Party

Patti Brassard Jefferson

The Magic Sleigh

Billie Atamer

The Little Purple Pumpkin

Billie Atamer

A Christmas Party for Santa

Billie Atamer

The Adventures of Banjo Billy and the River Rat Kids

Billie Atamer

Andy's Journey to the Rainbow

Billie Atamer

Snowball's Search for Easter

Billie Atamer

Is There a Lion in My Kitchen?

Kevin Fobbs

Sweet Sweet Carabee

Evelyn Gresham

Christopher Dragon
Meets the New World

Mary Kagan Draper

Christopher Dragon
Shopping with Friends

Mary Kagan Draper

Christopher Dragon
Goes to the Beach

Mary Kagan Draper

Spud the Potato Bug

Capiccioni, Debbie

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Ed Tuttle

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Jacyln Wasson

A Tale of Two Acorns a Story about Life and Death and Life

John Neilon

The Christmas Odd Box

Anna Jurinich

Roseate Spoonbill Babysits

Lisa Batchelder

Star's Journey

Lisa Batchelder

Lady, Lady, Ladybug (Spanish)

Gabriella Nagy

Oliver's Hunger Dragon

Sherry Alexander

Gluten-Free Me Beckmin

Goes to School

Christy E. Bykowski

Let's Volunteer

Jill Ziereis Houghton

Swanee Day

Beth Consugar

Ten Dollar Words For Kids

Kevin Kennedy

The Strength of Roussan

Enitan Oyewolde

Lady, Lady, Ladybug (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

Adventures of Nutty and Twittles,
Oh Nuts! I Lost My Little Sister

Dennis Marcoux


Nancy L. Farrow

The God Squad in an Episode
of Misson Him-Possible

Darlene Laney

Zack and Zoie Safe Zones: A Guide to Help Keep Children Safe

Rachel Stewart

If Only I Could Ignore You

Maria E. Cross

Mighty Little Keeper

Jason and Vanessa Carlson

Uma the Umbrella

Adam Gianforcaro

Swan Dance

Gabriella Nagy

Into the Valley of Lilies (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

The Masterpiece

Debra Melder

Buffie and Casey Fur Ever Friends

Ione Ellis

Oh, Brother, Why Is He My Brother?

 A. Law Shettleworth

Beautiful Brown Boy

Denise Patterson

Camelia Stories By the Sea

Camelia Gabriela Frentiu

Into the Valley of Lilies

Gabriella Nagy

Swan Dance (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

Tea Rose Garden (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

Ping and Po-Li

Audrey Moore

Tea Rose Garden (Spanish)

Gabriella Nagy

Lullaby (Spanish)

Gabriella Nagy

The Innkeeper’s Gift

Pierce  Mobley

Kate, Wait!

Barbara Springfield

The Adventures of Sir Buddy
and Mr. Pupples

Richard McEwan

You're a CrocaGator

Kenny Rager

You’re a Step CrocaGator

Kenny Rager

Winter Dreams

Gabriella Eva Nagy

What Do You See
When You Look At Me?

Sarah Sauer

When the Monsters Are Quiet

Alicia Lloyd


Kasey Crawford Kellem

Auntie's House

Dawn Aldrich

Cool Conduct

Nicki Donley


Kasey Crawford Kellem

Lullaby (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

F.L.I.P.P. Your Life

Kimbralon Barnes


Kasey Crawford Kellem

Sights at the Zoo

Debbie Estrem

How to Be a Buddy and Not a Bully

Greg Watkins


Kasey Crawford Kellem

Have You Heard of Purple Pastures?

Raymon and Esther Reed

The Cats of Riverview

Tim Taylor

God is with Me

Danielle Schillero

I Love to Hear My Daddy Sing

Malene Spencer

Skydive to a Hive

Anne E. Phelan

What’s Up Skin! With Sunburn Sally and Burning Ben

Marli Swan Pereira

Whistle Beans

Virgina Grenier

Babysitting Sugarpaw

Virgina Grenier

Milo Finds his Best Friend

Lisa M. Umina

Milo Moments

Lisa M. Umina

Milo and the Green Wagon

Lisa M. Umina

Wixi-Lou Wicka Wits

Kathy Burke

Tummy Turner

Kimberly Puckett

Invisible Jenny May

Dawn Aldrich

Praise The Lord (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

On this Christmas Eve Night

Alicia Lloyd

Dede's Adventures

Anne Doetschman

Noonie Pie's

Amy Levis

The Ticker that needed a Fixer

Donovan Gibson

Fish, Stars and Trees

Lily Sweem


The Evil Cheerleader

Lanai Barrett

Little House Who Didn't Lose Hope

Nita Brady

Kicking the Football

Debbie Soni

Where Is Our Capybara?

Marlene Buchanan

The Land of Poppies (Hungarian)

Gabriella Eva Nagy

JoJo the Dorky Dog

A.F. Hannah

The River of Life

Gabriella Eva Nagy

The Horse who Loves Hats

Nancy Lind Corradini

Carried on a Christmas Wind

Kaitlyn King

Let the Children Come to Me

Travis D. Bertrand

I love Being Me

April Allen

The Biggest Little Brother

Aminata Jalloh

Into the Ocean

Debra E. Classen

The River of Life

Gabriella Eva Nagy

Acorn Gert and Brother Bert

Elizabeth Duncan Stretar

The Unicorns from Capricorn

Nancy L. Farrow

Little Pumpkin Pickers

Karen Kasper

If Only I Could Fly

Rhonda Manyak

The Pinecone Walk

Barbara Springfield

The Family Tree

Jane Harrington

Today I Found God

Greg Long

The Lord is my Shepard (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

The Island of Pearls (Hungarian)

Gabriella Nagy

The Island of Pearls (Spanish)

Gabriella Nagy

The Land of Poppies (Spanish)

Gabriella Nagy

The Adventures of a Fireman

Miguel Coppedge

The Chilkat Blanket

Madesyn Boger

Spring is Now Here

Debbie Estrem

A Time for Fun

Debbie Estrem

It's Summertime

Debbie Estrem

Winter Wonderland

Debbie Estrem

The Magic Fence

Abigail Bradley & Sarah Thomas

A Suitcase of Seven

Karen Kasper

Klaus' First Winter

Denise Flagg

The Boy Who Couldn't Be Seen

Michael Joffroy

I Love You all the World

Anita Boyd-Dennis

The Bunny with no Ears

Amy Hogan

Playing with Oobleck

Yolanda Coppedge


Ellen S. Cromwell

Have You Ever seen a Buterfly?

Debbie Estrem

Life Outside the Box

Summer Abate

The Adventures of a Fireman and the Case of The Stinger

Miguel Coppedge

Who Goes There

L R Gray

The Girl who Tried
to Catch the Moon

Ashby Bland


Kasey Crawford Kellem

Friendly Officers

Miguel Coppedge

Jose's Farm Adventure

Karen Kasper

Chombie's First Adventure

David P. Zuccaro

All My Springs Are In You

Gabriella Eva Nagy

We Are Joined at the Heart

Yonette Belinda

Meet Genevive

Laura A. Brewster

Nettie's Garden

Heather Rae Weseman

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