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The Steel Works

Earle R. Anderson

Philanthropy Of American Business Leaders, 1910-1932

Aristides Scoufelis


Sheila Forshaw

The Howells: What A Way To Live!

Lois Howell Galloway

Black Girl in a White World

Aleisha Larrell

Code of Silence

Bernita Howard

Beautiful, Beautiful, the Haircut's
Not Bad Either

Elizabeth Manuel

Justice Delayed

Paul Mitrovich

New York Heroes

Daniel Scott Marrone

Theodore Roosevelt / Spring Rice
in WWI, Joshua Barney...

Daniel Scott Marrone

Adoptee. A Childhood of Torment

Joe Sabol

B is for Benye: A Virgin Islands Historical and Cultural Book

Charlene Blake-Pemberton

Drunk to Sober

Cathy Shuba

35 Pounds

DV Nelson

A Waiter’s Companion

Brit Jones

After the Mighty Storm,
I’m Still Standing

Loretta R. Theus-Tolliver

A Beautiful Lawn Organically

Alec McClennan

Struggling for Life My Story

Clarita Sierra & Alex Sierra


Journey of North Denver Johnnie:

Using Street Smarts to Add Value to Your Career

John D. Santone

Hope: A Bridge Above an
Ocean of Doubt: A Memoir

Karen Goff Dyser

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