12 Reasons Why You Should Submit Your Book for an Award

I’m an award-winning author.

It has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to say that about yourself? Of course you would! But the reality is it doesn’t just happen. Contest judges don’t go looking for your book. You have to submit your book for awards.

“I don’t want to pay the fee.” “I don’t want to compete with other authors.” “That’s a waste of time.” These are some of the excuses I hear, but trust me, the benefits far outweigh the small fee or your fear of competition. Plus, it can more than make up for your time. The truth is, a book award can be the one thing that launches your career and increases your book sales. And who doesn’t want to sell more books?!

As an author, you need visibility and publicity to propel your book into the successful category. Winning a book award can help with that. When you win a book award, even if it’s just an Honorable Mention, it puts you and your book in the spotlight.

Let me give you 12 good reasons why you should submit your book for an award.

A book award can:

  1. Create interest in your book, leading to other opportunities.
  2. Give you the edge you need to become a bestseller.
  3. Lead to recognition from fans, your peers and the industry. Plus, it impresses publishers.
  4. Give you the right to display winner stickers or digital winner emblems on your book covers, websites and promotional materials.
  5. Get you listed in national press releases and the award company’s website.
  6. Create awareness to have new customers pick up your book while browsing.
  7. Give your book exposure such a reviews, articles, TV and radio interviews.
  8. Broaden your author profile.
  9. Link you to book fairs, publishers, agents, editors and booksellers.
  10. Include a large cash prize.
  11. Potentially give you feedback from the judges.
  12. Give you credibility and assurance that the book is worthwhile.

All these benefits lead to visibility, publicity, discoverability and ultimately more books sales!

As you’ve probably noticed it’s not so much about winning the award as it is about being seen. Below are six recognized, vetted, and legitimate book award programs. Check them out and submit your book today!