Children’s Picture Book “My Favorite Princess” Is a Treasure of Sisterly Love

Montabone_BlastAsk most preschool girls to name their favorite princess and you’ll hear one of many familiar names from books and movies, but not 2-year old Layna Montabone. When asked to name her favorite princess, she quickly named her big sister, 4-year old Lennox. That was a year ago and in that time both girls have worked on putting their sisterly love on paper.

“As a mother it was so sweet to hear Layna refer to her sister as her favorite princess,” said mom Summer Montabone. “The respect and love they have for each other is very special and not typically common between two so young. It was so endearing that Layna would admire her sister above all of the other more publicized princesses and heroes and my husband and I immediately saw an opportunity for them to work together to create a special keepsake.”

Although not always easy to keep the focus of two active, energetic preschoolers, Summer managed to help Layna capture the story of her favorite princess. At the same time Lennox creatively used different art supplies, including little heart-shaped stickers for the princess’s face to illustrate each page of the story.

“One important message that resonates in this story is the fact that both girls value a healthy lifestyle, from the food that the princess enjoys, to exercise and walks in the garden and the simple joy of doing arts and crafts,” said Montabone. “In this age of technology, finding a story that focuses on a more basic way of living is a great message parents can share with their children.”

“This story is so adorable,” said Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing International. “I love the fact that these two sisters worked together at such a young age to create a wonderful children’s book. Remember these names as you will be sure to hear more from them in the future.”

“My Favorite Princess” will be launched at a local event April 29 and 50% of the proceeds of the book sales will be donated to Akron Children’s Hospital. Attendees will meet the author and illustrator, enjoy arts and crafts, face-painting and Lennox will be leading a kid-friendly boot camp/exercise session with some yoga.

“My Favorite Princess” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in paperback for $10.95.

About Layna Montabone, author and Lennox Montabone, illustrator

Layna, age 3, and Lennox, age 5, are sisters who love to make colorful crafts and creative foods. Both enjoy gymnastics and playing on the swing set. Lennox loves to workout, draw, and run fast, too. Layna loves to play with Play Doh and tell stories. Their two cats are named Alex “Buddy Boy” & Ava “Cute Face.”