“God’s Eternal Purpose” Guides Readers to a Closer Understanding of the Establishment of God’s Kingdom

Butler_Slider_EmailBlast“God’s Eternal Purpose: The Establishment of God’s Kingdom” is the third in author Clement Butler’s Teacher Series and Volume One in a two part examination of the creation, foundation and understanding of God’s Kingdom. In this book Butler focuses on what God’s purpose is for humanity and the establishment of His Kingdom.

“There are many books that examine the details of God’s message within the Bible, but in this two-volume collection I want to focus on the consistency of God’s purpose from Genesis through Revelation,” said Clement Butler. “I believe this book is an essential guide to understanding the scripture from a holistic perspective, taking the accounts and stories in the Bible and aligning them with God’s purpose.”

Butler’s primary resource is the King James Version of the Holy Bible as it is the version of the Bible that he grew up with and studied while attending Bible College. If you have ever wondered why you are here or for what purpose God made man, “God’s Eternal Purpose” is the right resource to help you find the answers.

“Ephesians 3:11 says that God’s eternal purpose is orchestrated through Christ Jesus,” said Butler. “Therefore, once we have an understanding of what this purpose is, then we will become enlightened and realize what our purpose is and the reason for our existence.”

Butler’s belief is that once we truly understand God’s purpose, we will be able to better understand our role and how our purpose should be and can be aligned with God’s. While the first volume establishes God’s purpose, volume two examines our purpose with God and how His purpose can be realized through man/woman.

“God’s Eternal Purpose: The Establishment of God’s Kingdom” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in hard cover for $29.95.

About Clement C. Butler

Clement C. Butler is a graduate of Principles of Life Bible College and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Hermeneutics and Leadership. He is a teacher and an author who resides in Nassau, Bahamas. He is the founder of Approved Workman Ministries, a teaching ministry dedicated to bringing enlightenment of the Scripture and knowledge of the kingdom of God.