Inspirational Book “UnWrapped Gifts” Reminds Us to Appreciate the Gifts Around Us

unwrapped gifts, inspirational book

Where is God in the tough times? If we know where to look, we may be surprised to find Him at every turn. The new book “Unwrapped Gifts” is the perfect story to help readers understand that fact. The main character Marla Haines finds her world crumbling all around her.  She could not manage to see how she would pick up the pieces of her life or find the good she longed for until she received a gift—an unwrapped gift.

“In my own life I have experienced dark valleys that made me question God’s plan,” said Michelle Ann Hawes, author. “And then just when I least expect it, a kind gesture, a word, an unexpected helping hand would reach out and lift me up. God has led me to people that help and encourage me and I wanted to share that experience with this story.”

In the book “Unwrapped Gifts,” Marla Haines discovers that gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from an unexpected phone call, a chat with a friend and even a ride to the airport. She realizes the value of being content with her life where she is at the moment, rather than wishing and hoping for something else.

“You can’t build a life on regret, fear and disappointment,” said Hawes. “God’s message is about being grateful and choosing joy, gratitude and thanksgiving in life and I hope that readers will come to understand that message with my book.”

If we redefine the word ‘gift’ from representing an expensively wrapped purchase to an appreciation for friendships, for sights and smells around us and moments of contentment, we will come to find the joy even in our dark times. So many things that we give and receive in life, that you might not perceive of as a gift, are really the best gifts of all.

“Once we realize the value and importance of unwrapped gifts, we will find opportunities to give gifts to others,” said Hawes. “And it is in the giving that we find we receive so much more.”

“Unwrapped Gifts” is the first in a series of inspirational books that first time author Michelle Ann Hawes is working on. She plans to share her message of staying in the present moment, being focused and grateful for the good in our lives with her readers at local book signings, church retreats and on the local radio.

“Unwrapped Gifts” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in paperback for $10.95.

About Michelle Ann Hawes

Michelle Ann Hawes is a mother, writer, and an advocate for clean water solutions and sound nutrition. She has worked to support missions and spent over twenty-five years in the corporate world.  Aside from her business endeavors, Michelle is a lifelong learner, enjoys “rehabbing” recipes with family and friends, and loves to sing.  She also brings laughter to others as an amateur puppeteer.  Writing stories to build up and encourage others to stretch themselves motivates her creativity.  Michelle has a son and daughter-in-law and resides in the beautiful “Haven” community of Attleboro, Massachusetts.