“Meet Genevive – A Tail of Love From Above” Beautifully Tells of Love Between Dog and Child

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First time published author, Laura Brewster, was really struggling to find her way as an eight year old child with autism until Vivi came into her life. Genevive was a basenji puppy who spent the next sixteen years loving and supporting Laura as she grew from a young girl to a vibrant, productive adult.

“Genevive, or Vivi as we called her, came into our lives at the perfect time,” said Jackie Brewster, Laura’s mother. “Vivi helped Laura to become calmer, more grounded, empathetic and filled with joy. She was able to reach her in a way that adults could not. Vivi became an extension of Laura, helping her to navigate social situations, school and family life. She was a wonderful blessing.”

When Vivi passed away Laura was encouraged to tell of her special relationship with her dog, in the form of a story. Mother and daughter worked together to create a story that not only shows the profound effect an animal can have on a child’s life but also clearly shares Laura’s deep Christian faith and love of God.

“Laura is her own best marketer,” said her mom. She is quick to tell people how much they will enjoy her book.”

“You need to buy my book,” Laura Brewster has often been heard to say. “You will be truly blessed and you will truly enjoy it.” Laura then tells people she didn’t writchildren's storye the book to be famous but rather wants to share the story of her precious dog. Laura is already working on her second book.

I have really enjoyed working closely with Laura. She has such a big heart and she has poured out her love of her dog, Vivi and her love of God onto every page.

 “Meet Genevive, A Tail of Love From Above” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in hard cover for $15.95.

About Laura Brewster

Laura A. Brewster is a young adult with Asperger syndrome who knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer. While many of her previous stories involved anime fan fiction, this book reflects her true love – dogs. She lives in San Antonio, Texas.