New Children’s Book “We Are Joined At the Heart” Demonstrates Love Between Parent and Child

There is something so special and memorable about cuddling with your child and reading a picture book. In the new children’s book from first time author, Yonette Belinda entitled “We Are Joined at the Heart,” she has created a sweet message that children will be asking to hear night after night.

“The book idea stemmed from a short poem I made up for my daughter when she was just a toddler,” Yonette Belinda said. “I found she would say it along with me each night. This book was created as a special gift to Hannah, a way to turn that poem of deep, abiding love, into a colorful story that we could enjoy over and over.”

The poem is the opening to the book:

“I will love you in the morning.

I will love you through noon.

I will love you till late, late in the afternoon.

I will love you in the evening and through midnight, too.

All day I will be loving you.”

In the book “We Are Joined at the Heart” the parents remind their daughter just how much she is loved, no matter the time of day or whether she is good or bad. Children need that reassurance that they are loved even when parents have to go away. The beautiful illustrations by artist Rosemarie Gillen truly bring this story to life.

“As a working mother, there are times when I have to leave my daughter even when she wishes I would stay,” Belinda said. “This book shares a message with children that even if their parents are gone for work or because of a divorce or sadly even death, their love continue unendingly.”

I love this book. Not only is it a sweet story of the love between a parent and a child but it also sets the foundation for an open conversation about the depth of love. No matter what the circumstance, that child will always be loved.

Although a nurse by training and profession, Belinda has discovered a new energy and joy that springs from her writing and has already written another children’s book that was inspired by her daughter’s energetic love of life.

“We Are Joined at the Heart” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is available in paperback for $11.95.

About Yonette Belinda

Yonette Belinda is a licensed social worker and registered nurse.  She received a Master of Social Work degree from New York University and an Associate of Nursing Science degree from the State University of New York at Farmingdale.  Yonette also holds a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree from Kaplan University, and she is certified as a nationally accredited case manager by The Commission for Case Manager Certification.  She currently works as a nurse.  Her beloved and most coveted role is being a mother to her daughter, Hannah.  Yonette is a new author with a passion to write books that will connect with the hearts of both parents and children.