Powerful Promotion with Pictures

Calgon from ChezburgerThe adage “a picture is worth 1,000 words” may be annoying to writers like you and me but facts are facts. Most people are attracted to images and it is the picture that frequently draws the audience to the words that are attached.

If you are a fan of social media – you can certainly attest to this fact as you scroll down your Facebook newsfeed. Which updates are the ones that stop you? The long wordy ones or the picture or cat video?

Be honest – it is the cat video.  Am I right?

So how can you use images to promote your self-published book?

There are a few obvious social media sites that feature photos and would be useful when it comes to promoting your book. Click on each link that will take you to a “how to” article on using images:




Pinterestdenise wakeman

Even Twitter now allows you to add images to your quick message on Twitter which also helps your tweet stand out among the other million messages people are sharing every day.

If you have started a blog – you can create one that is just images. Here are a couple photography blogs that you can check out for inspiration:

Feature Shoot

The Sartorialist

The Phoblographer

What Images Do You Post?

Okay, now we know WHERE to put the pictures, but when your whole life is words – what do you take a picture of? I’m going to free associate and just start listing ideas and let’s see where it takes us? Okay. I want you to be doing the same thing. My list should inspire you and help you start your own list. The idea is to get excited – grab your camera or your phone and start snapping pictures that you can use to promote your self-published book.

Ready? Let’s go!  Take pictures of…

1.      Cover of your book2.      You

3.      Your desk – writing area

4.      The snack you are eating as you write

5.      Your hands on the keyboard or hand with a pencil and paper

6.      Garment you mention in your book

7.      Features of your main characters; close up of eyes, feet, hair, etc.

8.      Animals you talk about in your book

9.      Location you feature

10.  Place you visit for inspiration

11.  Family members


12.  Selfie of you pulling out your hair in frustration?13.  Meal you write about

14.  Shoes

15.  Furniture

16.  Dictionary

17.  Computer screen grab

18.  Flowers mentioned in your story

19.  Vegetable(s) mentioned

20.  Mall

21.  Store

22.  Airport

23.  Plane

24.  Beach

25.  Trees

26.  Bush

27.  Golf course

28.  Boxes


29.  Newspaper30.  Mail

31.  Mail box

32.  Business cards

33.  Bottle of water

34.  Picture frame

35.  Coffee cup

36.  Full book shelf

37.  Pile of cds

38.  Medicine cabinet

39.  Sink

40.  Dust pan

41.  Litter box

42.  Washing machine


Are your creative juices flowing? Think about your story, your characters, the location, the circumstances they encounter throughout the pages of your book. If you mention it in your book, why not take a picture that represents that part of the story and post it on line?100_2841

You can even make a game of it. Where will my character go next? Or take a picture of a park bench and offer a few clues and then ask people to guess where the bench is. Offer to give a free book to the first person who guesses correctly.

Bottom line: Pictures can add an entirely different dimension to your book promotion and are a welcome change to status updates that only include words. Visit us on Facebook and share the link to your photo promotional site.