“Private Money Lending” An Important Guide to Investing in the 21st Century Low-Interest Rate Environment

gomez_cover_awards_ebookRarely is a book researched as thoroughly as Gustavo Gomez’s five-time award-winning book “Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream.” Gomez used this investing technique in his own life and was so pleased with the returns from this type of investment that he wanted to share his experience and knowledge with other investors interested in earning a significant and safe passive income stream. However, he wanted to craft a guide book that was authentic and accurate; therefore, he went back to college to earn a Ph.D. for the purpose of researching and writing this book.

“Writing the book has been a worthwhile and enriching experience,” said Gustavo Gomez. “I wanted to create a comprehensive and readable financial book that would provide the essential detailed information private mortgage investors would need to safely use this investment vehicle. Learning about this type of investment will help the retired, as well as the income investor, generate a consistent and generous return that could substantially enhance their retirement income.”
Gomez researched a variety of investment opportunities as well as closely studying the current and potential future financial climate. The reason for undertaking the study was twofold; for almost two decades, retirement portfolios have been devastated by economic boom and bust cycles, which is a key characteristic of today’s capitalist economies. It is quite possible that currently, another bust cycle could be unfolding despite the apparent bull market. Additionally, the adopted Federal Reserve policy of creating an artificially low-interest rate environment in an attempt to sustain the continued growth of the stock market and support of the current real estate recovery efforts has made it difficult for the income investor to safely generate a passive income stream to enjoy their retirement.
“People who are 60 or older don’t have enough time to wait for the return of their money should we experience another stock market crash,” said Gomez. “Therefore, I wanted to provide a step-by-step roadmap to help those who are retired or soon will be, to safely invest their disposable income in such a way as to provide consistent passive income for years to come.”
Gomez started lending money to private individuals and organizations more than 17 years ago and thus has become a private funding source for those who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a conventional conforming loan. “I work primarily with those investing in commercial and investment properties,” said Gomez. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to invest in private mortgages in a sound and safe manner. However, it is important to note that although there are numerous investment strategies in the arsenal of every investor, adding private mortgages to the investment mix can reduce volatility by adding a non-correlated component to the investor’s overall investment portfolio.

“Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream” has won many book awards, which include the 2016 Axiom Business Book Awards®. So far, for 2017, the book has won the International Book Awards® (IBA), the Independent Press Awards® (IPA), the Next-Generation Indie Book Awards® (NGIBA), and the National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA).
“Gustavo’s book is amazing,” said Lisa Michelle Umina, founder, and award-winning author and publisher of Halo Publishing International. “It is so thoroughly researched and surprisingly easy to read for a book on finance. Anyone interested in learning about alternative, safe ways to invest their money should pick up this book and learn from the experience and knowledge of Gustavo.”

In fact, Gustavo’s book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to invest in private mortgages in a sound and secure manner. Moreover, this book is the only university research-based book in the market addressing this important investment topic. In fact, the seriousness of the undertaken research has been validated by the multiple awards the book has won to date.
“Private Money Lending: Learn How to Consistently Generate a Passive Income Stream” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets in Hardcover for $31.95 and in paperback for $24.95.

About Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D.
Gustavo has been a successful entrepreneur, educator, healthcare consultant and businessman for the past thirty-five years. His educational background and business experience have made him exceptionally versatile, achieving numerous successes in both the healthcare and business fields. As a multiple-award-winning author possessing this academic versatility allows Gustavo the ability to research and write about healthcare, entrepreneurial, and business-related issues.