“The Biggest Little Brother” Features an Immigrant Family in a Loving, Inclusive Story

An only child having to adjust to a new baby is a familiar tale; however, what happens when a new, older, brother comes into the family? Sowa is the oldest sibling and is used to helping his Mom and Dad and his baby sister Naiya. But when his big brother, Hindo, moves from Sierra Leone to live with them in Atlanta he suddenly realizes that he isn’t the oldest anymore. First time children’s author Aminata Jalloh, knows a little bit about how that feels having experienced a similar situation in her young life.

“As I looked at children’s literature for a story that would examine the changes siblings face when an immigrant relative moves in, I realized there wasn’t anything out there that really addresses those challenges,” said Aminata Jalloh. “I wanted to create a story that lovingly addresses some of the differences immigrant families face while still offering a book children would want to read.”

biggest-brotherThe Biggest Little Brother is exactly that; offering a main character in Sowa that wants to be helpful and is so excited to welcome this new member of the family. His desire to be a sibling leader and teacher is momentarily shaken when he realizes that he is no longer the big brother in the family.

“In writing this book my desire was to portray a “non-traditional” family structure in a way that will resonate with any young child,” said Jalloh. “I also hope to provide reading material that reflects the changing faces and experiences of the American family.”

I just love this story. Aminata has created characters that are honest and easy to relate with. I look forward to more stories with this same family.

While The Biggest Little Brother is her first book, Jalloh is currently writing at least two more children’s stories that will continue the saga of Sowa and his siblings. In the meantime, The Biggest Little Brotheris now available from Amazon for $15.95.

About Aminata Jalloh

Aminata Jalloh lives in Sierra Leone and is an education specialist in the international development field, where she provides technical expertise in the design of literacy curriculums and programs. Aminata’s book The Biggest Little Brother. is a children’s book focusing on sibling relationships and family change of a West African immigrant family. Keep updated on Aminata’s projects at www.aminatawrites.com.