What We Can Learn From Chris Harrison of the Bachelor about Self-Publishing

8116119_lWhether you are a fan or not, you have certainly heard about one of the top rated reality television shows on ABC, The Bachelor. The host, Chris Harrison, has been facilitating some of the “most dramatic rose ceremonies ever” for over ten years.

Although Chris started out to be an actor, he stumbled upon the opportunity to host a new concept show and has become synonymous with reality love ever since.Perfect Letter

Monday night on the ever popular Women Tell All episode he closed the show by sharing the fact that he has written a novel entitled The Perfect Letter which hits stores in May.

The next day in his weekly blog recap article he again mentioned the book, how proud he is of the endeavor and the fact that you can preorder a copy right now. He concluded by thanking the network and studio for allowing him to publicly announce a personal project that had nothing to do with his job.

I want to say a special thank you to my family at ABC, Warner Horizon, and Next Entertainment for standing behind me and allowing me to talk about this book on the show. They absolutely didn’t have to let me do that but they did because that’s what family does, and I thank them all very much.

Wow – that is self-promotional genius! He approached an already established audience and fan base to talk about something totally unrelated – his book. So imagine how many people will pre-order his book just because they are fans of the show?

I know you don’t have access to 13 million viewers like Chris Harrison, but what can we learn from his cross-promotional efforts?

  • Identify an audience that already has a connection with you:
    • Family/friends
    • Co-workers
    • Community
    • House of worship
    • Chamber
    • Rotary
    • Alumni association
    • LinkedIn connections
    • Facebook connections
    • Twitter followers
  • Identify someone else who has an audience that might be interested in your book:
    • Other authors
    • Bloggers
    • Local personalities
  • Connect with local brick and mortar locations that can help spread the word:
    • Bookstores
    • Libraries
    • Coffee houses

In each case ask if you can share information about your book and the self-publishing process. Remember that word-of-mouth is the best and most effective form of advertising.

Hone your 30-second elevator pitch to use in your marketing.  Offer a workshop on your personal journey of developing your story, writing and editing and the self-publishing process that may be of interest to other would-be authors.

Bottom line: Chris Harrison taught us that you don’t have to be pigeon-holed into one career, but rather can use your existing career connections/audience to jump start the promotion of your latest book.