Adeoye Oyewo

Adeoye Oyewo is a pharmacist by training. He graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State in Northwest Nigeria. He was privileged to have been shown the way of God from an early age. He was taught to appreciate his creator and to learn that it is profitable to walk with Him. Unfortunately, he never took God seriously, and though he was a “good” boy, he did not always live with the fear of God as his life often carried the extra baggage of sin. However, after spending many years “wandering in the wilderness,” the author found the grace to rededicate his life to God. His vision is to use his life experience profitably in God’s service to draw man back to his creator. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria and is happily married to Christine; they have two adult daughters: EbunOluwa and Oluwamiwunmi.