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Crista Salvatore is a global leadership facilitator, executive coach, and the founder of Spark Truth ( For over fifteen years, her expertise has taught professionals how to tap into their authentic style through increasing self-awareness, leveraging their strengths, and increasing their capacity to take action.

She’d be the first person to admit that she has had her fair share of relationships that have challenged her to the core. Between online dating, matchmakers, setups, and chance encounters, she has certainly experienced love and loss, which lent plenty of inspiration for The Grace Within.


The Grace Within

Up until an hour ago, Grace was forty something, successful, and living in New York. Now she’s dead. Not fifteen minutes ago, she was sitting in a coffee shop having yet another breakup conversation with a guy who she thought had real potential for lasting love. This time, she is dealing with a lot more than a broken heart. Before Grace can process her untimely demise, she meets her spirit guide, Enzo, who leads her on a journey that will have her facing her feelings of inadequacy and fear. She is challenged to look at love and connection in a different way. Will she be able to deal with the past, accept responsibility, and forgive in order to heal herself and the significant players in her life?