AUTHOR: Adriana S. Jasso

A native of Eagle Pass, Texas, Adriana S. Jasso has always been an active volunteer in her community. Rescuing dogs and cats has been her passion for 30 years. When not writing, she enjoys playing the piano, watching historical documentaries and classic comedies. She’s happily married to Rolando, has three wonderful sons and a wonderful daughter-in-law. Her motto is “laughter is TRULY the best medicine!”


Quiksy Quin, Bonkers & Forest Friends Have a Picnic

Adriana S. Jasso combines a playful sense of humor, love of animals and creative imagination in a charming debut children's book. Having a picnic with friends is so much fun, especially when it's out in the forest next to a sparkling stream. Let's not forget the variety of yummy edibles that each friend brings.

Prince Hippy, The Li'l Longsnout Seahorse

Come, let's dive together into a magical underwater world where you'll meet a sweet li'l seahorse & his BFFs (best friends forever). Enjoy their happy & scary adventure. "

Mama Pooch Peanut Butter & Jelly

When young siblings, Roscoe and Ruby, visit their local animal shelter, their hearts melt. They wish they could take all the animals home, but they spot two special ones who seem to be looking right at them. See how their adopted furry friends add giggles, excitement, companionship and love to their existing family and "multiply" the fun with a family of their own.

This is Adriana S. Jasso's third children's book. You may also enjoy her first two: Quiksy Quin, Bonkers & Forest Friends Have a Picnic and Prince Hippy the Li'l Longsnout Seahorse.