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Amanda and Amber De Leon are a married couple who are passionate about their message to the LGBTQAI+ community and children from diverse backgrounds, especially young ones, to let them know they are not alone and they are perfect just the way they are. They hope that through these books, they can reach many who struggle to find peace and understanding. Amanda is an artist who loves to speak through her art and Amber is a medic who not only saves people’s lives physically but also with her message. Amber and Amanda currently reside in Texas with their two daughters.


Adventures of Liv: First Day of School

Liv is excited about her first day of pre-K. Liv makes a friend in her class but also runs into her first bully. Her next step is to figure out not only how to deal with the emotions of being bullied, but also what to do in that situation and how to understand it. She learns about different facets of diversity and the beauty in them and that bullies are usually just afraid of things they don't understand. Liv has always been taught that love will always win and wants to teach others that as well. Stay tuned as Liv learns more about different cultures and facets of diversity with this series, 'Adventures of Liv.' Inspired by actual events, Anapaula Corral has shared the pain and healing Isabel experienced in this book so that parents can relate to it as well. This book also contains scientific research to spread awareness of pregnancy complications. It seeks to encourage readers to regularly check on their health before they decide to conceive a child. "