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Amy Nystrom was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She later moved to Rockford, Illinois where she attended Rock Valley College and received her associate’s degree in nursing. She went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Northern Illinois University. She still resides in the area with her husband and two children. She works as a nurse at a local hospital and enjoys spending time on their family farm.


Old Mask Donald's Farm

Inspired by the author's own experience living on a farm during a pandemic, "Old Mask' Donald's Farm" allows readers to observe how changes in routines can frighten animals who don't understand what is happening. Young readers will identify with the animals who want reassurance that faces are still smiling behind the strange masks and that keeping a safe distance doesn't mean they are unloved. Parents, teachers and caregivers can use the story to address young children's fears and questions during the pandemic.

Old Mask' Donald's Farm: UNMASKED The End of a Pandemic

Amy Nystrom's first book, "Old Mask' Donald's Farm", allowed young readers to understand the pandemic through the eyes of barnyard animals. Her second book, "Old Mask' Donald's Farm: UNMASKED The End of a Pandemic", continues the story discussing the role of healthcare workers and scientists who work hard to care for sick people and develop lifesaving vaccines that lead to the end of a global pandemic.